Sylvie Devienne / Bilingual Voice-over Performer

A native of France, a long-time resident of Toronto and now residing in Montreal, Canada, Sylvie has always known that her voice is an instrument awaiting a stage.

"deVoice" is a rich mélange of strength and confidence, of depth and distinction, of passion, maturity, sass, and sophistication. Sylvie speaks fluent English and French, and conversational Spanish.

Sylvie Devienne is deVoice. And deVoice is an impressive multi-faceted instrument of communication.

Keywords: Female, woman, voice-over, French, English, Spanish, sexy, sultry, low, deep, rich, distinctive, strong, mature, confident, sassy, throaty, dusky, husky, jazz, alto, voluptuous, persuasive, honeyed, savvy, sophisticated
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